Heddy Keith with Kathleen Adams, founder and director of The Center for Journal Therapy in Denver, Colorado March 2012.

Mountain Top Journals provides workshops, classes, and retreats in journal writing for writers and non-writers. Instructor, Heddy Keith M. Ed is a retired Language Arts teacher of 24 years. She is the founder and president of the Milwaukee Writer’s Circle and producer – host of Meet the Author w/ Heddy Keith talk show. Heddy has written short stories, poems, and newsletters, she is currently writing her memoir  Through it all: The Men I chose to Love and the Lessons learned.

Heddy has always been passionate about helping people grow personally.  She taught Rites of passage as a process of self discovery at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She joined Kathleen Adams and her worldwide team of certified Journal To The Self® instructors. Heddy says: ” This is a wonderful way to help people tell their life story and discover themselves in the process. It is her passion to help others tell their unique story in their own way by teaching them journal techniques that help flush out deep content stored in the subconscious mind in a fun-safe relaxing environment.”


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