“We are all seeking to heal our psychic wounds. This need to heal emphasizes the remembering of old traumas which have caused our pain and symptoms.” Brian Weiss M.D.

 Welcome to Mountain Top Journals. Here you will find Journal To The Self ®     Certified Workshops, Retreats, and Events. You will learn Journal To The Self ® tools  and techniques for starting and enhancing your journal writing experiences in weekly posts of writing prompts. Check in weekly for new prompts to help you discover the writer within–write your life story, heal from past emotional hurts, relationships, and more.

Benefits of Journaling

You don’t have to like to write or be a good writer. You are the only one who will ever read what you write in your journal.

There are many fresh approaches to help you access your creativity and imagination.

When you use Journal to the Self techniques and writing exercises, it becomes much more than a diary. You gain insights about your personal relationships, career and special interests, body and health, dreams and imagery, and your life’s purpose and meaning.

Climb your emotional mountain one step at a time– one writing exercise at a time until you reach the mountain top and self-discovery. Claim your victory with the first Journal to the Self workshop registration. For more information see our workshops, retreats, and classes page.

Through journaling you will learn how to:

  • Safely release tension, frustration, anger, and other strong emotions
  • Tap into the vast knowledge of your subconscious and unconscious minds
  • Track cycles, patterns and trends in your life
  • Unlock the mysteries of your dreams
  • Experiment with creative writing and art making
  • Outwit dreaded writer’s block and increase overall writing skills
  • Begin the process of writing your own life story
  • Increase time management and organizational skills
  • Write spontaneously and with joy
  • Regard your journal as a trusted, valued friend
  • Manage stress

The workshops and retreats are 12 hours of instruction

In Four or Six-Week Workshops,  participants will:

  • Discover the writer within
  • Learn how to tell their unique life story.
  • Learn new journal writing techniques that develop personal writing styles.
  • Learn how to tap into your creative imagination.

“Introduction Celebrations and hosting Parties” can be arranged and customized according to your group’s needs. Prices include all materials.

Please bring these items to class:

  • Journal, ipad, or laptop
  • Pens or pencils
  • An item of personal significance to introduce yourself

Get acquainted with Journal To The Self ® Workshop- Host a two-hour Journal to the Self introduction Party at your home or office space. Provide a comfortable space, snacks, and beverages. The host is free when you invite 8 or more paying guests.

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